Generator excitation and current regulation systems

MAW-type generator excitation systems are intended for excitation and current regulation of synchronous generators of any power rating.

MAW-type generator excitation systems can be applied in upgraded or newly-designed installations of synchronous generators.

Excitation systems are designed for particular generators, their wiring system and customer needs and therefore each time the technical characteristics of the system are determined individually.

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Generator excitation:
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MAW-type generator excitation systems can be implemented as:

Static Excitation Systems
For direct supply of generator rotor.
The Static Excitation Systems substitute:

  • rotating machine exciter
  • voltage regulator
  • field suppression system (SGP / AGP)
  • Automatic Voltage Regulators

For generators equipped with:

  • machine exciter, or
  • brushless exciter

The basic features of the system:

  • automatic operation – generator voltage / reactive power regulation / cosф
  • manual operation – excitation current regulation
  • compatibility with standard voltage (100V) and current (5A) transformers
  • control from generator control room
  • versatile status indication of system operation

Function of the regulator system

The MAW-type excitation systems use a digital voltage regulator with the following characteristics:

  • Generator voltage regulation – automatic operation
  • Excitation current regulation – manual operation
  • Excitation current regulation – back-up mode
  • Limiters:
    • excitation current
    • stator current
    • underexcitation (capacitive reactive power)
    • U/f induction
    • forcing
  • Correctors:
    • from the active power
    • from the reactive power
  • System stabilizer*
  • Recorder*/li>
  • Communication with parent system*

*) – Optional – requires additional components

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