Excitation, regulation and start-up systems for synchronous motors

MAW-type synchronous motor excitation systems are intended for starting-up and excitation of synchronous motors of any power rating.

MAW-type excitation systems can be applied in upgraded or newly-designed installations of synchronous motors.
Excitation systems are designed for particular motors, their wiring system and customer needs and therefore each time the technical characteristics of the system are determined individually.

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Excitation systems:
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MAW-type synchronous motor excitation systems can be implemented as:

  • MAW-WS Static Excitation Systems
    for synchronous motors – motor starting-up and excitation,
  • MAW-WRS Static Excitation Systems
    for asynchronous synchronized motors – asynchronous synchronized motor start-up and excitation,
  • Automatic Excitation Regulators
    for synchronous motors equipped with a brushless exciter (or machine exciter).

The MAW-type excitation system for synchronous motors contains in one enclosure:

  • Excitation regulator
  • High-voltage part

Function of the regulator system:

  • Automatic operation – reactive power regulation / cosф,
  • Manual operation – excitation current regulation,
  • Excitation current limiting,
  • Stator current limiting,
  • Motor start-up command and control,
  • Field forcing during system start-up,
  • Asynchronous motor operation control,
  • Versatile status indication of system operation,
  • Possibility of reactive power compensation.

The regulation system is equipped with an operator panel with alphanumeric display. The panel is designed for:

  • Setting the parameters for regulator operation
  • Control of excitation system operation

Optional equipment

  • Depending on the needs, the excitation system may be fitted with additional features:
  • Comprehensive motor protection
  • Registration of motor operating parameters
  • Measurements

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