Industrial Automation – SERVICE

The structure of our company encompasses a specialized Service Department utilizing our engineering potential and years of experience.

Being aware that optimal and trouble-free operation of equipment and process lines is extremely important for our customers, we offer professional service of automation systems and drives (particularly SIEMENS systems) adapted to the specific needs of each customer.

We can take over a large part of responsibility for maintenance of your system, by:

  • Instant realization of maintenance orders.
  • Keeping the appropriate technical state of devices and systems by periodic maintenance and inspections.
  • Guaranteed fast delivery of supplies and spare parts.
  • Preparation of a promotional insurance packet against damage caused by device and automation system failure.
  • Reducing the overall maintenance and operating costs.

MAWOS Sp. z o.o.
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Industrial Automation – SERVICE:
phone: + 48 42 689 24 60
phone: + 48 42 689 24 61

The implementation of the above tasks is guaranteed by:

  • Many years of experience in service and implementation of automation systems for many renowned customers.
  • Our Service Department with structure, equipment and procedures adapted to customer needs.
  • Siemens authorization.
  • Our stock of SIMATIC control equipment and SIEMENS frequency converters.
  • Dedicated warehouses, configured and maintained only for key customers.
  • Trained, experienced, motivated service staff that understands customer needs.

We know that every minute of installation downtime means huge costs. Therefore, we will do our utmost so that each failure is dealt with within the shortest time possible.

We provide maintenance services for Drive Technology.

Feel free to contact us – on request we supply further information, including the reference list of projects implemented by our company.