SIEMENS control components stock

Knowing how important for our customers is the availability of spare parts and automation system components, we also deal with supplies and completion of SIEMENS components.

We have our own Warehouse Department, which in many cases allows for immediate delivery of components (often also less common products, withdrawn from regular sales).

MAWOS Sp. z o.o.
92-614 Łódź, ul. Rokicińska 299/301
phone: + 48 42 689 24 00
fax + 48 42 689 24 01

Components – stock:
phone: + 48 42 689 24 52

  • Delivery of SIEMENS devices and components:
    • SIMATIC S7-1500 component family
    • SIMATIC S7-1200 component family
    • SIMATIC S7-400 component family
    • SIMATIC S7-300 component family
    • SIMATIC S7-200 component family (discontinued)
    • SIMATIC S5 component family (discontinued)
    • SIMATIC PCS7 system components
    • I/O modules of all SIMATIC ET200 families
    • SCALANCE family industrial network components
    • Network components (Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, ASI)
    • Safety system components (Fail Safe, F-System, Safety Integrated, Distributed Safety)
    • Operator panels (also older and discontinued ones)
    • Industrial Computers
    • SIMATIC SITOP power supplies
    • Other components
  • SIEMENS software delivery
  • Starter and training kits
  • Advice and consulting
  • Dedicated warehouses – configured and maintained only for key customers

MAWOS as one of the few companies in Poland, was awarded the title of SIEMENS SOLUTION PARTNER AUTOMATION at SPECIALIST level. This level of partnership with such an equipment and solutions manufacturer as SIEMENS determines our high technical competence. In case of purchase of equipment in our company we can professionally help you to select optimum hardware and software configuration. We are also able to check and correct the completeness of configuration received in queries from our customers.

We have our own production and assembly hall, which is why we are also able to offer completion and professional assembly of purchased devices in electrical switching stations according to received design and as a result delivery of complete power and control switchboards.

We also have a permanent stock of frequency converters (inverters), including SIEMENS frequency converters with power ranging from 1.5kW to 90kW and 110-250kW.

Feel free to send queries – we will find an optimum solution and help you find even components with limited availability.