Migration of obsolete control systems

Many existing machines and installation facilities still use drivers and other equipment and systems that are important for ensuring the continuity of production, but have been discontinued by manufacturers. In Poland, the most popular example is the SIMATIC S5 driver family (manuf. by SIEMENS). The entire family of these devices was withdrawn in 2003 and their production was stopped completely in 2015. Therefore, the spare parts for these systems are expensive, their availability is limited and delivery times in specific cases may be very long.

The migration of obsolete control systems means modernization of control system architecture through replacement of its hardware or software resources with their modern counterparts.

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In this field, we offer comprehensive engineering services that include:

  • Conducting an audit to identify obsolete control system components;
  • Development of a strategy to carry out the control system migration which takes into account specific requirements and customer capabilities;
  • Replacement of control equipment with software conversion;
  • HMI / SCADA software update to the latest available environment versions in the market;
  • End-to-end project management.

Control system migration projects are carried out by MAWOS, based on proven methodology that ensures high quality of implementation. Completion of each project is adapted to individual requirements and customer expectations.

The decision to implement the control system project migration is the right step to improve the following areas of company activities:

  • production efficiency
  • maintenance (cost reduction)
  • production safety and reliability

Proper execution of modernization in these areas will significantly improve the financial results of any company and from this point of view control system migration brings tangible benefits.

Components of each automation system have a defined life cycle, which may be described as the period in which the product is available in the market. Within this period, the user may rely on full availability of spare parts and manufacturer technical support. In cases when automation installations make use of components withdrawn from production, the user of such a system is exposed to many serious problems and restrictions. The most important ones include:

  • Unplanned and long-term downtime resulting from the limited availability of spare parts in the market
  • High costs of maintaining the aged automation installation
  • Limited possibilities for system upgrades and integration with modern products available in the market

Implementation of control system migration is a method to reduce production costs and improve work organization. Some of the benefits for the company are as follows:

  • decrease of unplanned production downtime
  • quick access to spare parts
  • elimination of costs associated with maintaining obsolete system architecture
  • effective management of automation installation and effective diagnostics
  • easy integration of automation system with modern products available on the market
  • proper system scalability for planned future development


Confirmed experience:

As the first company in Poland we have obtained international certification in the Siemens AG Partner Program: SOLUTION PARTNER – SPECIALIST. Our engineers are certified for:

  • SIMATIC Automation System
  • PCS7 Process Control System
  • Human Machine Interface
  • SIMATIC NET Industrial Communication
  • Large Drives

As a long-term partner of ABB, we were awarded the title of ABB Authorized Value Provider. Our engineers are trained and certified in the technical and sales competence in the field of DCS class control systems based on ABB products, such as Freelance, 800xA and supplementary solutions, i.e. the Decathlon system.

We are also an experienced integrator and supplier of equipment and solutions by many other producers from the field of industrial automation, such as Rockwell Automation, GE Automation & Controls, Schneider Electric, SABUR, SAIA and others.

We also have experienced engineers and are competent in systems dedicated to specific industries, such as Braumat and BrewMaxx/PlantIT (brewing industry) and CEMAT (cement industry).

Feel free to contact us – on request we supply further information, including the reference list of projects implemented by our company.