Industrial Automation and Drive Technology

We operate in the domestic and international market.  We implement industrial automation and drive technology projects
for various industries.

Comprehensive implementation
of control and drive systems

We are an engineering company specializing in the implementation
of industrial automation and drive technology projects
for various industries.

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Industrial automation

The Industrial Automation Department implements projects
in the field of control systems, visualization and IT systems
for machinery and technological processes for all industries.

Drive technology

The Drive Technology Department implements projects
for all branches of industry in Poland as well as Europe and, more and more frequently worldwide.
The projects are fully implemented as turnkey solutions.

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Excitation systems for generators
and synchronous motors

MAW-type excitation systems gained user recognition
for their high reliability, trouble-free operation
and customization possibilities


We implement projects for various industries, such as:

Machinery automation

Comprehensive machine and line control

Brewing industry

The process from brewing to packaging of the final product

Sugar industry

Control, visualization and drives for all technological processes

Power industry

Solutions for CHP plants, power plants and power engineering

Boiler plant

Modern and reliable solutions compliant with applicable standards

Rubber industry

Comprehensive modernization of control systems and drives of lines and production machinery

Cement plants

Modernization of machines and lines from transport to production to cement packaging

Water and wastewater management

Projects supporting ecology and quality of our environment

Other industries

Comprehensive projects for various industries

Our projects are implemented in a comprehensive way, including:

  • Designs, advice and consulting
  • Equipment delivery
  • Installation
  • Software
  • Start up and training
  • Maintenance

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Industrial automation

Technological process and machine control.

Automation designs, software, visualization.

Start up, diagnostics, service, training.

Drive technology

Comprehensive implementation of drive systems. Designs, prefabricated cabinets, electrical wiring installation. Start up, diagnostics, service and training. We sell SIEMENS inverters and engines

Excitation systems

Static excitation, voltage regulation, field suppression of synchronous generators.
Synchronous motors static excitation. Technical advice, design, installation, start up.


Long-term service agreements,
advice and consulting,
inspections and service
of control
visualization systems
of other producers